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Artist Bios

Sonya Fisher

Sonya, Co-owner, Operating Manager and Studio Artist, brings her background in the creative arts fields to Vintage Van Gogh’s. Sonya’s energetic personality encourages customers to have fun while they are at the studio and let their creativity be discovered.

Mathew Maust

Mathew, Co-owner, is an artist at heart. Although he dabbles in the creative arts, Mathew mainly focuses on keeping the business end of Vintage Van Gogh’s running. You may even find him teaching or assisting a class from time to time.

Studio Mom

Sue, Studio Mom and Studio Artist, is a Board-Certified Art Therapist who has spent her career working with children. Sue’s unique style can be spotted at Vintage Van Gogh’s through many of the pieces of art she has contributed to the studio’s growing collection. Sue is looking forward to sharing the creative experience with others.

Janelle Wilson


Janelle, Studio Artist, is a Creative Arts Therapist graduate with a background in the fine arts. She is looking forward to share the experience with many as they create their own masterpieces at Vintage Van Gogh’s.


Terry Notatin

Terry, Studio Artist, is a Freelance Graphic Designer/Artist. She likes to do pencil drawings in her free time. If she isn’t drawing she is probably out taking pictures because she also loves photography. Terry is looking forward to helping others in the studio find their inner Van Gogh.


Taylor Winters


Taylor, Studio Artist, worked in ceramic studios for 6yrs and after working in retail for the past 2 years she’s excited to be working in a creative environment again. Taylor is an avid DIYer and love repurpose items. She’s working towards finishing my degree in child welfare/art therapy at middle Tennessee state university.


Sydney Nebus

Sydney, Studio Artist, is a free spirit who loves anything to do with art and animals.  She’s welding when she’s not painting, and you can usually find her skating or biking around town with a bowl of fruit.  


Public Art Classes

In addition to one-time event classes or parties we also offer either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly ongoing workshops and Master Classes with local artists. During these workshops, you can not only have fun but learn some technique and/or art vocab and history as well.

Private Events

From Business Team Building to Bachelorette Parties, if you have more than 10 people in your party you can schedule your own Private Instructor Led Painting Event. Just click the button below and fill out our inquiry form or just give us a call to schedule your own private events.